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!nTeN$e*- clan. A clan of !nTeN$e*- gaming server and !nTeN$e*- extreme gaming server. By !nTeN$e*- sunny

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---%%%%---WELCOME TO !nTeN$e*- Clan Website---%%%%---

          As Salamu Alykum

Hello, this site is built for all the cs 1.6 users in Pakistan.

!nTeN$e*- is a clan of cs.


server ip : csintense.dyndns.org:27015 

Enjoy playing. 

Members: !nTeN$e*- sunny

                !nTeN$e*- heAT--xD

                !nTeN$e*- DaRk | PrinCe 

                !nTeN$e ROCKY 

                !nTeN$e To0f@N


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